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Re: Journal package for Emacs?

From: mike hardy
Subject: Re: Journal package for Emacs?
Date: Mon, 09 Sep 2002 00:17:16 GMT
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Nostradamus foretold that on Sun Sep 08 2002, Kai Großjohann would write:

> mike hardy <address@hidden> writes:
> > I found steno/hyperbole (Google).  Indiana U is down right now and I
> > usually use that, Ohio St. or Wiki - but is there a "best" central
> > (complete and up to date) elisp repository that you others use?  I didn't
> > find steno or hyperbole at any of the three sites I usually use...
> I use the Emacs Lisp List (see Google).  But there should be another
> Emacs Lisp archive -- if only I could remember if it is
>, or, or

Thx.  lispmeralda (according to Ohio St. readme) has been absorbed.  But
the Ohio St. site doesn't have a /pub/* and what is there is somewhat old.
So I don't know if they're still working on the site or if it's been
moved.  And evidently (www/) has decided there's more money in
"attachment enhancement" :->  Maybe there's nothing better than what I
already use?



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