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Re: Journal package for Emacs?

From: David Forrest
Subject: Re: Journal package for Emacs?
Date: Sat, 7 Sep 2002 12:02:03 -0400 (EDT)

On Sat, 7 Sep 2002, mike hardy wrote:

> I've been searching DN/Google/elisp list for some kind of journalling
> package for Emacs and surprisingly I can't find anything except some old
> Perl script called "plod" (and I don't think diary is what I want).  What
> I'd like to do is something like 'M-x journal' that opens my/a journal
> file, inserts a date/timestamp and I can start editing under the
> date/timestamp.  Anyone know of something like this for Emacs?  Or how

Not me, Maybe you could add something using a local variable and
find-file-hooks, but I dislike having my editor execute code.

> about just a function I could use that would insert the date/time (and
> I'll just use bookmarks for the journal file)?  I'm most interested in
> just being able to insert the date into a buffer.  I tried looking for
> some existing function in Emacs to allow me to do that but I don't find
> anything.

I use

(global-set-key (kbd "C-c t") 'insert-current-time)
(defun insert-current-time ()
  "Insert the Current Time in ISO 8601 format"
       (format-time-string "%Y-%m-%dT%T%z ") ; ISO8601

> Thanks...
> Mike

 Dave Forrest                                   address@hidden
 (804)642-0662h (434)924-3954w

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