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microsoft and emacs control and escape sequences

From: diboru
Subject: microsoft and emacs control and escape sequences
Date: Sat, 7 Sep 2002 12:09:40 +0200

Hi - I send this message already some time ago and wondert
that there was no response at all.... than finally, after looking in the 
archive, I saw that it was not readable....

In short I wanted to know, if it is possible to customize 
Microsoft XP in a way, that it understands Emacs control and 
escape sequences like

   C-a          beginning-of-line
   C-b          backward-char
   C-e          end-of-line
   C-f           forward-char

and  so on.....

Here my original message:

Hi all you happy unix users,

after using unix and emacs for about 15 years I finally find myself
sitting in front of a Windows-XP system beeing most fascinated by all the 
interesting effects my unconscious use of emacs control and escape 
sequences is creating   [:(] !!!

Is there any help (I am currently thinking about switching to the handwriting
input method in order to fasten up at least a bit, but...) ???!?

I am already using Meadow (Mule / Multi Language Enhanced Emacs 
for Windows) and cygwin (a bash shell for windows) but there are still 
all those other programs....

Thanks a lot (never giving up hope) - Dietrich

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