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RE: Better buffer menu?

From: Bingham, Jay
Subject: RE: Better buffer menu?
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2002 09:14:18 -0500

The variable that Kai is referring to is mouse-buffer-menu-mode-mult and as he 
stated it applies only to the mouse buffer menu i.e. the menu that you get when 
you do C-mouse-1.  I have mine set to 2.  I don't think that there is a similar 
variable for the buffer menu on the menu bar.

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From:   Kai Großjohann [mailto:address@hidden 
Sent:   Friday, September 06, 2002 6:26 AM
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Subject:        Re: Better buffer menu?

address@hidden (Henrik Jönsson) writes:

> I have recently switched from XEmacs to Gnu Emacs. I am very happy
> with this so far. However, I don't like the buffer menu (in the GUI
> menu). E.g. the buffer names is not left centered. The XEmacs is
> better. It sorts the buffers according to the type.

The Emacs mouse buffer menu automatically groups buffers when you
have many of them.  There is also a variable that says what "many"
means, but I forgot the name.

Maybe buffers-menu-max-size, maybe mouse-buffer-menu-maxlen?

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