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Re: diary: international date format

From: Colin Marquardt
Subject: Re: diary: international date format
Date: Wed, 04 Sep 2002 16:58:32 +0200
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address@hidden (Edward M. Reingold) writes:

>>>>>> "RS" == Regis Smith <address@hidden> writes:
>     RS> Unless I'm totally missing something, emacs doesn't recognize the
>     RS> international calendar format (YYYY-MM-DD) for entries in the diary
>     RS> file.  I know of the M-x american-calendar and M-x european-calendar,
>     RS> but I can't find a command for the international format.  Is there a
>     RS> standard hack to get this done?
> You just need to set your own value for diary-date-forms.  See the
> documentation for that variable.

I think it would be worthwhile to enable support for ISO 8601 in
calendar/diary by default. See
for a detailed description. Ideally, one could give e.g. 
"2002-09-04T16:55:00" as a date/time spec.

Of course, I don't volunteer to change the code, so I'll shut up now :)


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