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Re: cyclic diary entry

From: Alan Shutko
Subject: Re: cyclic diary entry
Date: Tue, 03 Sep 2002 16:25:34 -0400
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address@hidden writes:

> how can I make a cyclic diary entry like "every first sunday of month"?

Check out Special Diary Entries in the Emacs Manual:

       Another sophisticated kind of sexp entry, a "floating" diary entry,
    specifies a regularly occurring event by offsets specified in days,
    weeks, and months.  It is comparable to a crontab entry interpreted by
    the `cron' utility.  Here is a nonmarking, floating diary entry that
    applies to the last Thursday in November:

         &%%(diary-float 11 4 -1) American Thanksgiving

    The 11 specifies November (the eleventh month), the 4 specifies Thursday
    (the fourth day of the week, where Sunday is numbered zero), and the -1
    specifies "last" (1 would mean "first," 2 would mean "second," -2 would
    mean "second-to-last," and so on).  The month can be a single month or
    a list of months.  Thus you could change the 11 above to `'(1 2 3)' and
    have the entry apply to the last Thursday of January, February, and
    March.  If the month is `t', the entry applies to all months of the

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