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Re: init loading phenomena

From: John Paul Wallington
Subject: Re: init loading phenomena
Date: 03 Sep 2002 18:44:29 +0100
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Harry Putnam <address@hidden> wrote:

> I've noticed something that seems strange or even incorrect in emacs
> init process on my setup:

It is deliberate.  IMHO it isn't a bug.
> I have a site-start.el file in /usr/local/share/emacs/site-lisp, its
> actually a symlink to a file by that name in a local cvs repository.
> I have a line in site-start.el that is supposed to inhibit the splash
> screen. 
>   (setq inhibit-splash-screen t)
> However, when I start emacs, I still get a splash screen.  

This is because `inhibit-splash-screen' is a variable alias for
`inhibit-startup-message' and startup.el does the following:

~line 872 of startup.el: 

    ;; Run the site-start library if it exists.  The point of this file is
    ;; that it is run before .emacs.  There is no point in doing this after
    ;; .emacs; that is useless.
    (if site-run-file 
        (load site-run-file t t))

    ;; Sites should not disable this.  Only individuals should disable
    ;; the startup message.
    (setq inhibit-startup-message nil)

    ;; Load that user's init file, or the default one, or none.

First, it loads your site-start.el file which frobs
`inhibit-splash-screen' (which is the same thing as

then it disregards that frob, resetting the value of
`inhibit-startup-message' (which is the same thing as

then it loads your init file, e.g.: ~/.emacs.  If you frob
`inhibit-startup-message' or `inhibit-splash-screen' (which are
different names for the same thing) in your .emacs or in your
`custom-file' or by loading another library from your init file the
value will not be reset, hence:

> As mentioned, the setup still displays the splash screen, however if
> I put this in .emacs:
>    (load-file "~/.site-start.el")
> Where ~/.site-start.el is also a symlink to that same file in cvs,
> then the splash screen disappears.

John Paul Wallington

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