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Re: override defcustom

From: Bruce Ingalls
Subject: Re: override defcustom
Date: Tue, 03 Sep 2002 05:44:55 GMT
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I likely did not explain the problem precisely enough.
It now looks that both Modern Emacs & XEmacs properly (IMHO) default
font-lock-maximum-decoration to t. However, there are other custom
variables I would like to override.

The essentials work fine, if I create an emacro defcustom group, and do

(defcustom font-lock-maximum-decoration t
 "Toggle max colors for all modes."
  :group 'emacro
  :type 'boolean)

Some users will use M-x customize (or its menu equivalent), and will try to change the default setting.
Perhaps I am wrong, but I expect that they will be in for a surprise.
The problem is that font-lock-maximum-decoration is also set in the font-lock group.
Aren't users required to set this variable in both groups?
Unfortunately, they may only be aware of one group. :(

I could have EMacro generate setq() statements. However, customize() users will simply know that the font-lock-maximum-decoration variable is available, and again be disappointed.

I don't have a choice; Emacs & XEmacs already use such Customize Variables. I am also just as certain that I don't like the defaults provided. Finally, I want to provide a way that nonprogrammers can set their own defaults; customize() provides a user friendly menu to do just that.

Thanks, Bruce.

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