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Install emacs 20.7 cannot find/open lisp file

From: Abbott, Kevin C
Subject: Install emacs 20.7 cannot find/open lisp file
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2002 08:40:32 -0600

I have install emacs 20.7 into a private area. I have checked in the epaths.h that the load-path is correct to point to the lisp directory.  When I am done installing I can open an run emacs - once/first time and everytime works. It finds the lisp files and the path.  If I keep this emacs open and open another emacs - this one cannot find any lisp files and acts like it has the wrong load-path but I cannot check since "view" file cannot be fount to open.   (I have tried with a .emacs that that has the correct load-path specified and without .emacs).  Finally if I close all the emacs programs (including the first) then all other emacs that open never find the lisp files. 
I would say the compile or epaths.h setting were wrong but the first emacs after install works great but only that emacs and I cannot ever exit it - then emacs never owrks again.

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