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Fortran 90 Templates and abbreviations

From: Tony Simmers
Subject: Fortran 90 Templates and abbreviations
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 15:46:20 +1300

I am starting to use emacs to write f90 programs and would like to:

1.  extend/replace the default abbreviations for f90.  I am assuming there
is a file someplace with the abbreviations and the expansion but I can't
find it, nor can I figure out how to ensure it is loaded and 'turned on'
each time I open a .f90

2. as an extension of the above I would like a way of expanding tokens into
multiple line comments -- the main use is for the header documentation in
programs.  Ideally if I tried to edit myprog.f90 and it did not exist, this
would happen automatically.

emacs is new to me -- a complex answer is OK if you talk slowly...

Thanks in advance,

Tony Simmers                     MetService
Ensemble Development, AMPS       PO Box 722
Phn +64 4 4700751                30 Salamanca Rd
Fax +64 4 4735231                Wellington

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