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configuring emacs to handle large files under IRIX

From: John Young
Subject: configuring emacs to handle large files under IRIX
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 11:09:11 -0500 (EST)

testing...testing...  Is this thing on?

Can you hear me in the back?

I would like to be able to configure emacs (now 20.1)
running under IRIX 6.5.13m to be able to handle editing
files >2Gb.  (Don't ask why -- it's something the engineers
here want to do... :-)

I have been looking around in the documentation that comes
with emacs and it seems to imply that "large file" support
is possible, but I cannot seem to make it work.  I am using 
the following configure command:

# ./configure --enable-largefile=yes --prefix=`pwd` --with-pop

Not being an emacs (or even a C) guru, perhaps I am missing
something obvious.  If so, will someone at least point me
in the right direction?  I can Read The Fine Manual if someone
points out which section is pertinent.... :-)

John E. Young                               B1148/R202
Analytical Services and Materials           864-8659

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