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Re: text in columns (again)

From: Kevin Dziulko
Subject: Re: text in columns (again)
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 09:13:29 -0500


Let me correct myself from my last message. Apparently there is a
mode called two-column mode. Below is some info on it. I found it
in the emacs-20 file in the info directory. Please note that
GNU Emacs 20.2.3 is the version on my system. Not sure how to get
3 or more columns. Hope this helps.


Two-Column Editing

  Two-column mode lets you conveniently edit two side-by-side columns
  of text.  It uses two side-by-side windows, each showing its own buffer.

  There are three ways to enter two-column mode:

`<F2> 2' or `C-x 6 2'
    Enter two-column mode with the current buffer on the left, and on
    the right, a buffer whose name is based on the current buffer's
    name (`2C-two-columns').  If the right-hand buffer doesn't already
    exist, it starts out empty; the current buffer's contents are not

    This command is appropriate when the current buffer is empty or
    contains just one column and you want to add another column.
`<F2> s' or `C-x 6 s'
    Split the current buffer, which contains two-column text, into two
    buffers, and display them side by side (`2C-split').  The current
    buffer becomes the left-hand buffer, but the text in the right-hand
    column is moved into the right-hand buffer.  The current column
    specifies the split point.  Splitting starts with the current line
    and continues to the end of the buffer.

    This command is appropriate when you have a buffer that already
    contains two-column text, and you wish to separate the columns

`<F2> b BUFFER <RET>'
`C-x 6 b BUFFER <RET>'
    Enter two-column mode using the current buffer as the left-hand
    buffer, and using buffer BUFFER as the right-hand buffer

  `<F2> s' or `C-x 6 s' looks for a column separator, which is a
string that appears on each line between the two columns.  You can
specify the width of the separator with a numeric argument to <<F2> s>;
that many characters, before point, constitute the separator string.
By default, the width is 1, so the column separator is the character
before point.

  When a line has the separator at the proper place, `<F2> s' puts the
text after the separator into the right-hand buffer, and deletes the
separator.  Lines that don't have the column separator at the proper
place remain unsplit; they stay in the left-hand buffer, and the
right-hand buffer gets an empty line to correspond.  (This is the way
to write a line that "spans both columns while in two-column mode":
write it in the left-hand buffer, and put an empty line in the
right-hand buffer.)

  The command `C-x 6 <RET>' or `<F2> <RET>' (`2C-newline') inserts a
newline in each of the two buffers at corresponding positions.  This is
the easiest way to add a new line to the two-column text while editing
it in split buffers.

  When you have edited both buffers as you wish, merge them with `<F2>
1' or `C-x 6 1' (`2C-merge').  This copies the text from the right-hand
buffer as a second column in the other buffer.  To go back to
two-column editing, use `<F2> s'.

  Use `<F2> d' or `C-x 6 d' to dissociate the two buffers, leaving
each as it stands (`2C-dissociate').  If the other buffer, the one not
current when you type `<F2> d', is empty, `<F2> d' kills it.

From: Dave Setchell <address@hidden>
To: address@hidden
Subject: text in columns
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 09:59:01 -0800 (PST)

    I realize that this is probably in the 'info'
documentation, but I am new to emacs and unix and
can't find it.  I wish to have two and three column
text (i.e. a newspaper) in the same file without
having to effectivly hand format it as I would on a
typwriter.  If this is possible -and I think it is b/c
I found how to split multi-column text into seperate
'windows'- please let me know how by e-mailing me at
address@hidden Thank you very much
                        Dave Setchell

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