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Bookmarks as doc annotations keepers - features looked for.

From: Luca Manini
Subject: Bookmarks as doc annotations keepers - features looked for.
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2001 14:37:04 +0100


I'm trying to use Emacs bookmarks (never used before) to keep
annotations on file changes (suggested, required, applied...). I
haven't found any specific mode for this but I think bookmarks are
"almost" enough.

The problem at hand is as follows:
- I'm writing a doc (in LaTeX) in cooperation with friends;
- we are using AUCTeX and RefTeX (if that matters);
- the doc is splitted in many files;
- everything is under CVS :-), 
- we send  versions back and forth (copies or diff) via e-mail,
- CVS merges everything smoothly. 

So far so good, but when I review a version and I want to make notes
(that is to write a text concernig a specific point in the doc) I have
to either put the note in the doc file o in an external place (another

With the first solution each note is "near" its "object", but the
notes are interspersed with the text and not easily browsed (ok, I can
mark them with some keyword and use occur) and, more important, are in
the "wrong place" because the notes are "meta-info" in respect to the

With the second solution the browsing is trivial, but is not easy to
find the place the note is referring to.

The bookmarks offer some nice things: they record file positions (also
in different files), a short description and an annotation. But there
is no easy way to manage multiple bookmarks files and the way to
browse the doc from the bookmark list is not very nice (for me).

I'm looking for something like the ediff interface (where the focus is
where the difference list is, but the doc is scrolled in another one)
or like the wonderful reftex one (with its "follow" behaviour).

A second problem will be how to keep the bookmarks file in sync with
the doc (using CVS of course), but that should be simple.

        I'm quite sure my need is a very common one. 
        Nobody with a good solution out there?
        TIA, Luca. 

PS. Please CC answers to address@hidden as I'm not reading the
mailing list.

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