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using emacs with files >2Gb on SGI?

From: John Young
Subject: using emacs with files >2Gb on SGI?
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 13:35:55 -0500


   The emacs FAQ on the network says:

   "Old versions (i.e., anything before 19.29) of Emacs had problems
editing files larger than 8 megabytes.  As of version 19.29, the
maximum buffer size is at least 2^27-1, or 134,217,727 bytes, or 132
MBytes.  Emacs 20 can be compiled on some 64-bit systems in a way that
enlarges the buffer size up to 576,460,752,303,423,487 bytes, or
549,755,813 GBytes."

I need to configure emacs 20.7 to handle files >2Gb (on an SGI 
running IRIX 6.5.13, if that matters).  Can someone point me
toward which file(s) I need to modify?  

John E. Young                               B1148/R202
Analytical Services and Materials           864-8659

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