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install.el, was: Wishlist for Emacs22 ;-)

From: Tom Roche
Subject: install.el, was: Wishlist for Emacs22 ;-)
Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2001 12:24:10 -0500

"Stefan Monnier <address@hidden>" writes:
>> In any case, as far as packaging is concerned, I'd be (obviously)
>> more interested in an extension of my `install.el'.

Miles Bader <address@hidden> 06 Nov 2001 10:03:16 +0900
> Where is this described?

I was able to find it in gnu.emacs.sources, also at the astonishingly
long URI

It would be nicer if there was a central repository for elisp,
e.g. to elisp as CPAN is for Perl ... but that's another post.

HTH, address@hidden

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