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Global 6.6.7 tramp failure

From: Felix Fernandes
Subject: Global 6.6.7 tramp failure
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2021 17:34:47 -0700


I installed Global 6.6.7 on Mac OS Catalina and also on a remote system with Linux CentOS Rel. 6.9.
On the Mac, I am running Gnu Emacs 27.1.

From the release notes, Tramp should be supported but when I use helm-gtags-dwim on a remote file,
emacs reports "GTAGS not found". However on the remote system, I can issue "global -f" on that file
and it shows that the gtags do exist.

Do I need to do something extra after installing Global 6.6.7 as exlained in the installation instructions?
Please help.

Felix Fernandes

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