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New Surface computer, several problems

From: Allen Windhorn
Subject: New Surface computer, several problems
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2022 10:53:37 -0600

I have a new computer, running Windows 11. 

(1) My old (crufty) .emacs file no longer runs. I would like the feature that asks for confirmation before closing the last buffer - can anyone recommend code for that. 

(2) when Emacs starts, the font is #5 and the window is tiny. I can't figure how to set it to a larger font and stay that way. 

(3) Also, the icons on the menu are very small. 

(4) when I try to print, I get something like "permission denied: Epson RS480". 

(5) the default directory is c:emacs-xx.x despite having HOME set to my home directory. 

and (6) I can't double-click a text file and have it open in Emacs any more. 

Thanks for any advice. 

Regards, Allen 
Allen Windhorn
PO Box 320
Kasota MN 56050

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