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[h-e-w] Can't open affix or dictionary flies

From: Oliver Jones
Subject: [h-e-w] Can't open affix or dictionary flies
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2013 17:35:16 +0100
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Hello everone,

this is my first eMail to the list.
I have trouble getting spellchecking to work with Emacs 24.2.1 and Hunspell 
1.3.2 on Windows XP.

I have read the help about spelling in the built in manual and searched the internet where I found advice to include these lines to my ~/.emacs.d/init.el file.

(setq ispell-dictionary-alist
   '((nil ; default
      "[a-zäöüßA-ZÄÖÜ]" "[^a-zäöüßA-ZÄÖÜ]" "[']" t
("-d" "C:\\Dokumente und Einstellungen\\ojones\\Eigene Dateien\\dictionaries\\de_DE_frami" "-i" "utf-8") nil utf-8)
      "[A-Za-z]" "[^A-Za-z]" "[']" nil
      ("-d" "en_GB") nil utf-8)
      "[a-zäöüßA-ZÄÖÜ]" "[^a-zäöüßA-ZÄÖÜ]" "[']" t
("-d" "'C:\\Dokumente und Einstellungen\\ojones\\Eigene Dateien\\dictionaries\\de_DE_frami'" "-i" "utf-8") nil utf-8)
      "[A-Za-z]" "[^A-Za-z]" "[']" nil
      ("-d" "en_GB") nil utf-8)))
(eval-after-load "ispell"
      (setq ispell-dictionary "german"
ispell-extra-args '("-a" "-i" "utf-8") ; aspell doesn't understand -i utf-8, hunspell needs it
        ispell-silently-savep t)))
(setq ispell-program-name "C:\\Dokumente und Einstellungen\\ojones\\Eigene Dateien\\hunspell-mingw-1.3.2-win32\\bin\\hunspell.exe")

where I made changes regarding the path to the affix and dictionary files and 
the hunspell.exe.

I verified that hunspell works, by executing it on the command line.

When I type M-x ispell in emacs I get the following error message

Can't open affix or dictionary flies for dictionary named "german".
@(#) International Ispell Version 3.2.06 (but really Hunspell 1.3.2)
@(#) International Ispell Version 3.2.06 (but really Hunspell 1.3.2)

Any help is highly appreciated.

Kind Regards
Universität Bielefeld
Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Lehrstuhl für Ökonometrie und Statistik
Raum / room:  V9-108
Tel / phone:  +49 (0)521 106 4895

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