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[h-e-w] Slow M-! start .

From: Hannu Koivisto
Subject: [h-e-w] Slow M-! start .
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2009 13:41:23 +0200
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For some reason M-! start . RET or M-! cygstart . RET (cygstart is
~"start for Cygwin") takes about 15s before I get the explorer
window.  If, on the other hand, I say M-! start .& RET, the window
opens instantly.

My shell-file-name is zsh and start is a zsh function start () {
cmd /c start \"\" $* } but this doesn't seem to be zsh-specific 
because if I set shell-file-name to cmdproxy, I get the same

Has anyone else seen this?  Any ideas what might cause it?

I'm using EmacsW32 22.0.990.1 2007-05-23 on 32bit Windows XP SP3.


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