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[h-e-w] handling space in the path

From: Guangran Zhu
Subject: [h-e-w] handling space in the path
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2008 02:24:37 -0400

Dear Emacs users,

I am using GNU EMACS 22.3.1 on windows XP 32bit. I would like to associated 
different file format, e.g. *.djvu with the right program to view it, e.g. 
windjview.exe. When I press ENTER on the file name in the dired mode, the file 
will be opened in the right program. I notice there is a lisp script 
"extview.el" available. I placed it under emacs/site-lisp/. and in my ".emacs" 
file, inserted this clause:

(require 'extview)
(push '("\\.djvu$" . "C:\\New Folder\\WinDjView-0.5.exe %s") 

I received " Spawning child process: invalid argument" in the mini-buffer when 
attempting to open a djvu file. If I write this clause:

(push '("\\.djvu$" . "C:\\WinDjView-0.5.exe %s") 

I am safe. My question is: How does this space make a difference in my emacs to 
search the right file? How could I handle this space in the path?

Thank you.

Guangran Kevin Zhu

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