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[h-e-w] hight CPU loading on scrolling

From: Kostafey_Yandex
Subject: [h-e-w] hight CPU loading on scrolling
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2008 01:08:17 +0400

I've got a qestion (bug?) when I try

I set scroll 'by line' like this
(setq scroll-step 1)

Then I open rather long file (like emacs tutorial)
and press down buton for a some peiod of time.
After some smooth scroll period CPU loading increase,
so 'glitches' or scroll interrupts take place.

The CPU loading increase much more when we try to do the
same with russian tutorial (simply scroll down line-by-line).

We try it on 2 PC (with WinXP both) with different
versions of emacs, different configuration files.

It does not matter what verson of emacs we use or
configuration of them (except line (setq scroll-step 1),
of course).
It was:
(downloaded from different mirrors including FSF)

The (bug?) takes place every time.

Can we do somthing to make scrolling really smooth (that
is without hight CPU loading effect)?
Or it is a really bug?

Yours faithfully,
 Konstantin                          mailto:address@hidden

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