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Re: [h-e-w] Editing EmacsWiki

From: David Vanderschel
Subject: Re: [h-e-w] Editing EmacsWiki
Date: 26 Oct 2007 14:21:16 -0500

Oops!  Sorry.  I had intended to send the below to
Kristján privately.  (It is not unusual for me to
prevent such off topic requests from reaching the
list.  I missed the wrong To: header.)

  David V.

On Friday, October 26, "David Vanderschel" <address@hidden> wrote:
>On Thursday, October 25, "Kristján Jónasson" <address@hidden> wrote:
>>Hell all!

>>Can anyone give me ideas on how to edit the EmacsWiki efficiently
>>when using Windows?

>>Thanks, KJ

>Hi Kristjan,

>Your message is moderated because you are not
>subscribed.  However, your question is not relevant on
>the help-emacs-windows list at all.  Unless you want
>to use Emacs's Oddmuse mode (which I suspect not,
>since you did not mention it), editing the wiki is
>something you do with your browser.  It makes no
>difference what OS you are running.

>How does the "how to" page on the wiki itself fail to
>help you?:

>When people have gone to some trouble to document how
>to do something, you are not going to get much of a
>response unless you can show where that documentation
>is deficient.  I.e., your question is way too vague.

>I am going to delete your message from the server.  If
>you really do need more help on this issue, the
>help-emacs-windows list is not an appropriate place to
>seek it.

>BTW - The correct greeting is "hello".  "Hell" means
>something entirely different and is not appropriate in
>a greeting.  I assume you did not intend to swear at

>  David V.

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