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Re: [h-e-w] pb with the use of Merge

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: [h-e-w] pb with the use of Merge
Date: Fri, 04 May 2007 22:03:24 +0300

> Date: Fri, 4 May 2007 17:58:04 +0100
> From: "Phil Betts" <address@hidden>
> Well, I program on Unix for a living, and when you're used to
> the sort of power that bash and the common Unix utilities provide,
> trying to live with cmd and the half-baked MS "equivalents" of
> Unix utilities just won't work.

You can have Unix utilities without Cygwin, that's what GnuWin32 is
all about.

> E.g. last night, I had 200+ photos in directory "original" that 
> needed to be resized, leaving the resized copies in directory
> "smaller".
> In bash, I just did this:
> for i in original/*.jpg;do convert -resize 50% $i smaller/`basename $i`;done
> Try doing that in one line in cmd.

No problem:

   for %F in (original\*.jpg) do convert -resize 50% %F smaller\%~nxF

Sounds like the last time you looked at the half-baked MS equivalents
was a long time ago.  The latest (since W2K) versions of cmd are much
smarter than their old namesakes.

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