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[h-e-w] Disabling automatic backups ...

From: Dario Bahena Tapia
Subject: [h-e-w] Disabling automatic backups ...
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2006 21:42:30 -0600


In the past I have used Emacs for Linux, and I remember using this
option for disabling the automatic backup files (*~):

(setq make-backup-files nil)

I seemed to work well, however, under Emacs for windows I still see
the files (with other syntax names, but I think they are created by
Emacs). The point is that I'm not completely sure of this: here is the

a) I need to use RAD ide for development (eclipse+rational+other stuff
... basically you can say it's eclipse).

b) I edit my programs with Emacs for windows ;-)

c) I tell RAD refresh to sync it with the filesystem, and from there I
do other stuff (CVS operations, testing, debugging, etc).

d) The interaction works pretty well, with the exception that I see
files like this: file.ext.~1.1.~
where 1.1 looks like the CVS version (which is integrated within RAD).

So, I'm not quite sure who can I blame for these files: Emacs or RAD?
mmm, or myself ;-)



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