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[h-e-w] ruby-mode.el crashes my Emacs 2.3.1 on NT4

From: PaulBowman
Subject: [h-e-w] ruby-mode.el crashes my Emacs 2.3.1 on NT4
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 18:05:25 -0000


After copying ruby-mode.el from the current ruby release into my 
Emacs/lisp/progmodes folder, my attempt to load-library ruby-mode ends 
consistently in a pretty abrupt crash.

The only info I get is a "The instruction at "0x1165dcf4" referenced memory at 
"0x1165dcf4". The memory could not be "read"" (and an access violation for the 
same mem location from Dr. Watson, if I chose the debug option) and a MsgBox 
from GnuServ "Error 109 when reading from stdin"

Can anybody suggest any forum or list that might help (no I can't do anything 
about the appalling OS, this is a works machine, I'm stuck with it). I suppose 
I can live with writing scripts in text-mode but I'd rather not.


Paul M Bowman


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Edinburgh EH1 1YZ. HBOS plc is a holding company, subsidiaries of which are 
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