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[h-e-w] image file with Chinese file names

From: MJ Chan
Subject: [h-e-w] image file with Chinese file names
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 12:51:34 -0500

I'm seeing something that I'm not sure is necessary. When I use
create-image with file with chinese name like this, image-size always
return (30 . 30) as its size: (30 is the default size when image
cannot be loaded according to emacs C source code). 

(image-size (create-image image-file-name) t)

if I do this:

(image-size (create-image (encode-coding-string image-file-name 'big5)) t)

It returns correct size. 

I'm wondering if encode-coding-string is necessary here. My
file-name-coding-system is already set to big5.

Please note that in both cases, the image file itself can be displayed
properly. It's just the image-size seems to have problem.

I'm running CVS emacs on Windows XP. 


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