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Re: [h-e-w] Customizing run-shell-command

From: David Vanderschel
Subject: Re: [h-e-w] Customizing run-shell-command
Date: 17 Dec 2004 13:18:18 -0600

On Thursday, December 16, "Henrik Andersson" <address@hidden> wrote:
>How can I change run-shell-command (X in Dired) to run acrord32 instead
>of xpdf on .pdf for instance or even better the program which is
>associated with the extension in windows?

I know this is getting a bit old; but, by far, the
simplest solution I have seen to this problem was
contributed by Howard Melman (and I think he deserves
some credit for it):

;; dired stuff to open files a la Windows from Howard Melman
(defun dired-execute-file (&optional arg)
  (interactive "P")
  (mapcar #'(lambda (file)
      (w32-shell-execute "open" (convert-standard-filename file)))
          (dired-get-marked-files nil arg)))

He also offered the following to allow access to the
function via a mouse click:

(defun dired-mouse-execute-file (event)
  "In dired, execute the file or goto directory name you click on."
  (interactive "e")
  (set-buffer (window-buffer (posn-window (event-end event))))
  (goto-char (posn-point (event-end event)))
  (if (file-directory-p (dired-get-filename))

Finally, here is a suggestion about how to bind them:

(defun hrm-dired-mode-hook ()
  "Hook run when entering dired-mode."
    (define-key dired-mode-map "X" 'dired-execute-file)
    (define-key dired-mode-map [M-down-mouse-1] 'dired-mouse-mark-file))

(add-hook 'dired-mode-hook 'hrm-dired-mode-hook)

As far as I can recall, "X" was never bound in dired
until after I had added Melman's code to my
initialization - so I am wondering what bound "X" in
Henrik's installation.

  David V.

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