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Re: [h-e-w] problem with emacs/auctex/MikTeX: I can't find file `nonstop

From: Stephen Leake
Subject: Re: [h-e-w] problem with emacs/auctex/MikTeX: I can't find file `nonstopmodeinput{tmp.tex}
Date: 18 Aug 2004 11:03:56 -0400
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"Scott, Steven" <address@hidden> writes:

> Greetings, 
> I'm trying to compile the following file (named tmp.tex) from within
> emacs, using auctex:

What exact keystroke are you using to 'compile'?

A different solution; I use Cygwin 'make' to invoke latex; that makes
a lot of things easier. In particular, you can use the Emacs
'next-error' mechanism to find and fix errors. Here's my
'latex_rules.make' file:

# gnu make rules for processing TeX files, using MiKTeX distribution

.PRECIOUS : %.dvi %.aux %.out

TEX_OPTIONS := -quiet

%.dvi : %.tex
        latex $(LATEX_INCLUDES) -interaction nonstopmode --c-style-errors 

%.view : %.dvi
        cygstart $<

# %.out holds the bookmarks, %.aux the references
%.pdf : %.tex %.out %.aux
        pdflatex $(LATEX_INCLUDES) -interaction nonstopmode --c-style-errors 

%.out : %.tex
        pdflatex $(LATEX_INCLUDES) -interaction nonstopmode --c-style-errors 

%.aux : %.tex
        pdflatex $(LATEX_INCLUDES) -interaction nonstopmode --c-style-errors 

clean ::
        rm -f *log *.aux *.dvi *.pdf *.out
        if [ -d auto ]; then rm -rf auto; fi

maintainer-clean :: clean

release-clean ::
        rm -f *.dvi *.log *.aux *.out

# end of file

So in my main Makefile, I'd have:

all : docs

include $(MAKERULES)/latex_rules.make

VPATH += ../../doc

LATEX_INCLUDES := -include-directory $(SAL)/Doc

docs : tmp.pdf

I invoke the Makefile via 'M-x compile'.

Hope this helps,

-- Stephe

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