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Re: [h-e-w] Emacs not finding the ".emacs" file

From: sherkin.freesbee
Subject: Re: [h-e-w] Emacs not finding the ".emacs" file
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2004 19:37:43 +0200

Hello gerald,

Thursday, August 5, 2004, 7:23:44 PM, you wrote:

gjdc> Hello,

gjdc> I am a long time user of Emacs for Windows.  Our IT people set me up with
gjdc> Windows 2000 yesterday, before they did so I saved on a network drive my
gjdc> .emacs file and other Emacs goodies.  I am now starting from a clean
gjdc> computer, excepted for the usual corporate programs I have nothing
gjdc> installed.  I got a fresh copy of Emacs-21.3 and followed the instructions
gjdc> for installation.  It is installed under C:\Emacs\Emacs-21.3.  I then
gjdc> setted the Emacs icon on my desktop and copied back my .emacs file in C:
gjdc> \Emacs and started Emacs in the usual way --- by clicking on the icon ---
gjdc> Emacs started OK but didn't load my .emacs file?  I tried to move my 
gjdc> file to every location I could think of: C:\, C:\Emacs, C:
gjdc> \Emacs\Emacs-21.3, C:\Emacs\Emacs-21.3\bin, but Emacs never finds it?  In
gjdc> the past I had my .emacs file in C:\Emacs and Emacs always found it.  
gjdc> C:\Emacs and C:\Emacs\Emacs-21.3\bin are in the environment variable
gjdc> "PATH".

gjdc> Any clues highly appreciated, thanks,

gjdc> GĂ©rald Jean

Your .emacs file is supposed to be in your "home" directory,
symbolised by "~".

Try to open this directory with C-c C-f ~ .
I guess it would open "c:\documents and settings\<yourname>".
That's were you should put your .emacs file.

Good Luck.


Best regards,
 sherkin.freesbee                            mailto:address@hidden

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