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Re: [h-e-w] Network switching with GNUClient & GNUServ

From: David Vanderschel
Subject: Re: [h-e-w] Network switching with GNUClient & GNUServ
Date: 07 Jul 2004 22:28:43 -0500

On Wednesday, July 07, "Ludwig, Mark" <address@hidden> wrote:
>I use Emacs on my Windows laptop.  I have added the registry stuff so I
>have an "Edit with Emacs" option on the context menu for every file
>type; this invokes path\gnuclientw.exe -q -F "%L" and works great as
>long as the same network interface(s) are active that were when the
>server was started.  When the network interfaces come or go, the GNU
>Client seems unable to communicate with the server, or the server is
>unable to manipulate Emacs.

>Has anyone else noticed this - and solved it?

Yes.  There are two versions of gnuserv - one which
uses TCP/IP and one which uses mailboxes for
communication.  Problems such as you have observed
will affect the former.  (Mine breaks if I just tell
ZoneAlarm to shut down 'net access.)  You would
probably be happier with the mailbox version.
Unfortunately, I can no longer find that one in the
place where I originally got it.  Perhaps someone else
knows from where it can be downloaded nowadays.

  David V.

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