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RE: [h-e-w] weird font problem on windows NT

From: Horsley Tom
Subject: RE: [h-e-w] weird font problem on windows NT
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 08:50:14 -0500

> What is the character set ("Script" in the font dialog) of that font 
> file? Many fonts converted from X fonts have random data in the 
> character set field, so Emacs cannot recognize them as suitable for 
> ASCII characters (and the font dialog lists them as "Other"). 

Yep. It says "Other". That must be the problem (I'll have to check
what it says at home on XP - I don't know why it would be any different,
but it does work there).

I'll see if I can smack the font around to convince it to be ascii.


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