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Re: [h-e-w] GUD and Cygwin

From: Paul Whitfield
Subject: Re: [h-e-w] GUD and Cygwin
Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2003 09:07:43 +0800
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address@hidden wrote:
address@hidden writes:

Paul Whitfield <address@hidden> writes:

>I have a question regarding emacs, gdb and cygwin.
>I am using a cygwin based version of gdb that communicates with an
>embedded board.
>Everything works really well, except that the source paths are
>based on cygwin mounts, so while gdb can find the source, emacs
>can not.
>Is there any way I can get emacs/gud to understand cygwin's directory
>mounts and find my source code?
For this case it's maybe easier or better to use the cygwin included
emacs-21.2.  It's a X11 emacs. cygwin too delivers a X server. With
that you can run the cygwin emacs. I have not tried yet to debug
something but I assume that it works fine.


I do not want to run a X server just to run emacs



I don't want to use XEmacs.

If you'd rather not run X, you might try cygwin-mount.el at

This I will try ... thanks for the tip.

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