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bug#61557: vdirsyncer fails to verify certificates

From: Ethan Blanton
Subject: bug#61557: vdirsyncer fails to verify certificates
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2023 15:29:23 -0500

Package: vdirsyncer
Version: 0.19.0

I am using Guix on a foreign distro of Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye).

I have the following manifest installed in particular profile:

 (list "go"

Since vdirsyncer updated to 0.19.0, I cannot sync with any remote host
using CalDAV or HTTPS iCalendar files.  This is reproducible with my
private servers, Microsoft Outlook 365 calendars, Google Calendars,
and others.  I have moset recently verified it with Guix 312f1f4 and a
vdirsyncer producing
/gnu/store/9aa2bj3likla61zqbsim1a1c99k3jk93-vdirsyncer-0.19.0 (I don't
know how to give a more precise or useful install, please let me know
if I should, and how I would), but I have narrowed the breaking change
down to Guix revision f635f725778f86abaa77f674f8f670f74bffd7be.
Revision ed18b697c4783f139e23731f5bd0b0ed197997bb, which is vdirsyncer
0.18.0, works as expected.

The lightly redacted error that vdirsyncer produces is:

error: Unknown error occurred for [config entry]/calendarname: Cannot connect 
to host ssl:True [SSLCertVerificationError: (1, '[SSL: 
CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed: unable to get local 
issuer certificate

An example configuration that causes this is:

[storage samplecalendar_public]
type = "http"
url = 

[storage localcalendar_public]
type = "filesystem"
path = "~/.calendars/public"
fileext = ".ics"

[pair public_calendar]
a = "samplecalendar_public"
b = "localcalendar public"
collections = [ "from a" ]

It appears that the root cause is in Python aiohttp, as starting the
python3 interpreter invoked by the vdirsyncer binary in the installed
profile with the GUIX_PYTHONPATH provided, then attempting to fetch an
HTTPS URL using aiohttp, will fail with an SSL error.  I cannot tell
if the root configuration problem is in vdirsyncer and its
dependencies or in aiohttp, so I am reporting it against vdirsyncer,
which I can confirm is broken.

I have tried installing various certificate packages and other
packages that seemed like they might be related (such as nss-certs,
nss itself, gnutls, etc.), but not found anything that seemed to
resolve the issue.

This bug that I have reported upstream is related, but I think the
problem is with the Guix packaging and/or dependencies, not with
vdirsyncer itself:


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