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Re: delte please

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: delte please
Date: Thu, 9 May 2019 16:42:01 -0600
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st0n3 ss wrote:
> hello, can you help me delete this report?

I see in the bug ticket you wanted to delete it due to formatting.
But but tickets are simply email.  That is actually one of the
advantages of the BTS is that it is very easy to use.  It's all just
email.  But just like email you can't undo sending an email.  After
sending an email the email is sent.  All that can be done is to send a
follow-up email with corrections.  Which I see you have subsequently
done.  So all good.

Eric Blake wrote:
> Why? If your complaint is merely that it was formatted poorly, then
> submit a followup with better formatting. In general, it is a bad idea
> to delete anything from a public archive with the possible exception of
> spam or inclusion of a malicious virus, which that report does not
> appear to be. Not to mention that even if we delete it from our
> database, it has already been mirrored elsewhere and we cannot delete it
> from those various mirrors.

Just for the record...  The FSF and GNU Project has a privacy policy
against editing the web archives.

  Mailing list archive policy

  We have a strong policy of not editing the web archives.  See our full 
privacy policy.

Which says:

  Information You Make Public

  The FSF maintains services such as wikis, email discussion lists,
  forums, and software distribution Web sites where users may submit
  information to be published publicly.  You are creating a permanent,
  public record of information added, removed, and/or altered by you,
  including information which may identify you.  For example, emails to
  public discussion lists are publicly available in their entirety,
  including your email address.  Please think carefully about your
  desired level of anonymity before you disclose personal information.


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