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Re: Which lexer do people use?

From: Adrian Vogelsgesang
Subject: Re: Which lexer do people use?
Date: Sat, 4 Jul 2020 19:30:36 +0000
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Hi Daniele,

> Which other scanners do people use?
For what it’s worth, we are using a hand-rolled scanner. Seemed just the 
fastest way to get rolling and the easiest to maintain.

Also, it allowed us to embed a few hacks directly inside the scanner: E.g. in a 
few places our grammar is not actually LR1. Only in very few edge cases, 
though, so that we don’t want to use GLR. Hence, our scanner does a lookahead 
and, e.g., upon encountering the token “WITH” looks at the following token. If 
the next token is “TIMESTAMP”, it produces “WITH_LA” instead of just “WITH”. 
Thereby, we get 1 look-ahead from the scanner. Combined with the 1 lookahead 
provided by bison, we can now parse our LR2 grammar.

Not sure if this would have been possible also with flex – but given we have a 
hand-rolled parser it was straightforward.

You can find a similar hack also in,
 if you look for the WITH_LA keywords. Postgres is using a flex scanner and 
then stacks a custom layer between flex and bison which introduces the 
additional maintenance overhead.


From: help-bison <> on 
behalf of Daniele Nicolodi <>
Date: Friday, 3 July 2020 at 23:15
To: Bison Help <>
Subject: Which lexer do people use?


the historical pairing is using Flex with Bison. However, while Bison is
under active development and seems to be a very solid code base, there
isn't much activity on the Flex side<> and
Flex codebase and capabilities show their age.

I recently became aware of RE/flex<>
which seems very promising. However, it only generates a C++ scanner
which may be (I haven't tried) to retro-fit into existing C projects to,
for example, gain full unicode (in its utf8 encoded form) support.

Has anyone tried to hammer a C++ scanner peg generated by RE/flex into a
C grammar hole generated by Bison?

Which other scanners do people use?

Thank you.


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