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declare subparsing ..

From: alex xmb ratchev
Subject: declare subparsing ..
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2023 05:52:07 +0100

i was coding an 'expand \backslash' thing as feature , user defs \0 or \n
or so , and it expands it , for 1) read -d here and 2) optional awk RS ,
both works there
.. there i tried to use declare to parse the instruction ..
nowork single var : sep=\\0 ; declare "sep=$'$sep'" ; declare -p sep #
contains literal content
working normally arr , sep=\\0 ; declare -a "sep=( $'$sep' )" ; declare -p
sep # <empty , for read -d>

i just wanted to ask why this difference
to preserve data on fail user assign ?
or may it ( the parsing ) be added somewhen .. ?

greets , ikss emm bee

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