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Re: record stream using time limit, reconnecting as needed

From: Roger
Subject: Re: record stream using time limit, reconnecting as needed
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2023 23:24:36 -0500

OK, I should have posted within the prior post, the ps incantation was 
plagiarised/copied from a public website.

It worked, so figured I'd post the (albeit somewhat simple) incantation for 
anybody stumbling upon a similar problem on the mailing list.

After looking over my prior scripts, think I'll resort to using the sleep 
command instead of the finicky timeout command, much cleaner and no required 
exporting of variables/functions.

The while/loop will also be used.

Thanks Mr. Wooledge for your time.  I too noticed the oddities of ps, and now 
realize I was using, at that time, cygwin windows emulation/shell.  Picking 
apart the ps/grep incantation required extra time I just didn't have, at that 


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