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Re: Sequential files

From: MN
Subject: Re: Sequential files
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2021 23:46:29 +0100

Since I got no replies, I guess this is how it is to be done.
I changed my mind about counter=0 and I'm using counter=1 now.

I was wondering if I could zero pad the files?
If there are less than 9 files then I wouldn't change anything, but
when I reach example_10.png, I would rename the first 9 files to
example_01.png, example 02.png and so forth.
And I would do the same thing with hundred and thousand.
example_001.png and example_0001.png

On 21-11-24 12:08:52, MN wrote:
> Hello,
> I wrote a script, which works, but I'd like you to review it.
> Programs that I use don't offer sequential file savings.
> My script waits for them and numbers them in sequence one by one.
> First, I have to save the file.
> If the first file is 'example.png', then I run my script like that ./myscript 
> example.png
> From now on I don't have to worry about the name of the files,
> I can save them under the very same name.
> Actual script:
> #!/bin/bash
> counter=0
> while true; do
> until [[ -e "$1" ]] ; do 
> sleep 1
> done
> mv -i ./"$1" "${1%.*}_$((counter++))".${1##*.}
> done
> How could this be improved?

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