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Re: Irregularities when using -v, -z, -n

From: Lawrence Velázquez
Subject: Re: Irregularities when using -v, -z, -n
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2021 15:30:48 -0400
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On Thu, Jul 29, 2021, at 10:29 AM, wrote:
> One of the problems is the many functionalities available.  One is able
> to perform things in multiple ways, but one figures out the limitations
> once you try more complicated things.

Or if one chooses to actually pay attention to the people they are
ostensibly asking for help.

> As you have outlined, history is
> the culprit of many problems, particularly when changes to old stardards
> remain static, rather than improved to the situations that are arising
> today.  For instance, the requirement for quoting resulted in a bad deal
> for all of us, but because they were incorporated in posix standards,
> it will require enormous effort to go beyond them in future.

> > I thought they had learned this already under the lisa-asket persona,
> > but I couldn't find the specific message.  There were far too many
> > to comb through.
> Seems you will continue with your bullshit instead of not responding.
> We all are able to make bullshit personas than we'll ever admit.
> Is it wrong?

Yes, in your case, because it is intentionally deceptive.

> And suppose they are actual people with that name, what
> difference in you does it make knowing that?

We are not context-free question-answering robots.


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