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Are you trolling us?

From: Greg Wooledge
Subject: Are you trolling us?
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2021 15:53:13 -0400

I have a very strong feeling that we're being trolled.

I'm seeing the same question being repeated under different personal
names, in slightly different formats.  All of the personal names
are composed of two lower-case words joined by a hyphen (foo-bar).

The question is always some combination of the following set of issues:

1) They're parsing options.

2) They want to assign a default value to a variable, but they insist
   on doing this *after* the processing has finished, rather than before.
   This means they have to somehow "check" whether their variable has been

3) They're defining local variables inside a conditional block (one branch
   of a case statement), and then they act surprised when an invocation
   that does not execute that block of code behaves differently.
In <>
we see this code:

     local warn="1"
     case "$2" in

In <>
we see this:

    local -r dpath="$2" ; shift 2 ;;

In <>:

  if [[ -v excl ]]; then

And then later in the same thread:

  I am making the array if a specific option to a function is specified
  by the user.

It's the same basic issue, over and over, in disguise.  I may have failed
to show enough context for you to see the similarities in these questions,
but that's because I don't want to spend enough time to track them all

One of these threads is from a person allegedly named "lisa-asket".  One
is from "eduardo-chibas".  One is from "dora-solomon".  No other name is
given -- just that hyphenated string, each time.

I believe these are all the same person, and that this is some kind of
elaborate trolling campaign.  Perhaps it's a psychology class experiment
to see whether giving yourself a masculine name or a feminine name gets
a better result.  Or perhaps there's some other motivation.

Whoever you really are, please stop now.

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