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Re: plz help with tcpserver

From: Alex fxmbsw7 Ratchev
Subject: Re: plz help with tcpserver
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2021 21:44:26 +0200

so, without the break, because of time and clearness

tcpserver by djb,
gawk yea.. i try specifically \n\n as rs there cause i need it in my bhttpd
projrct, that obviously serves http, where \n\n mark http part end

weird i had it going already, before also discovering another gawk bug

so, tcpserver starts simple gawk, that should print after recieving 2 \ns 1
needed parsed around like this by http spec, HTTP/0.1

term 1
tcpserver 0 2000 strace -f gawk -v RS=\\n\\n 1 &

strace for seeing weirdness
term 2, no printf or pipe, non eof input
cause, http clients dont end conn after printing req headers
( nc 0 2000 to connect via netcat .org or so telnet client to localhost
port 2000 )

nc 0 2000

then see strace began to show, read(

then enter newlines some, it never prints, till control-c of nc
and result, the printed input, wont ever be recieved

.. i mailed couldnt find better address and the gawl
folks are of previous similiar bug also informed

On Mon, Jul 26, 2021, 21:33 Greg Wooledge <> wrote:

> On Mon, Jul 26, 2021 at 08:56:35PM +0200, ikhxcsz7y xmbott wrote:
> > yes around so, however i got weird nonworking gawk results
> > i mailed ( tcpserver ) and the gnu help and bug gawk
> > lists from a previous similiar, they couldnt fix it, or say not so ..
> much
> > .. i dunno its not fixed
> >
> > but see in tcpserver 0 1024 strace -fF -s 50 gawk -v RS='\n\n' 1
> > then on nc 0 1024
> Stop.
> Take a 5 minute break.  Do not do anything on your computer for at least
> that long.
> After you've taken a 5 minute break, try to write down instructions
> for how to reproduce the error that you're seeing.  Write it so that
> your baby sister or your grandmother could follow the instructions.
> Be ABSOLUTELY clear from start to finish.  You can assume that gawk and
> tcpserver are installed, but you need to describe exactly what steps
> one must take in order to see the error, and why you think it's an error.
> An example might look something like this:
>  1) Open two terminals.
>  2) In the first terminal, run this command:
>     tcpserver 0 1024 gawk something
>  3) In the second terminal, run this command:
>     printf something | nc 0 1024
>  4) In the second terminal, I expected to see _________.
>     Instead, I see _________.
> Remember, nobody understands what you are trying to do yet.  Most of
> us aren't experts in awk/gawk, or tcpserver, or netcat, but we may have
> *some* spotty knowledge.  So, if you can make your problem simple enough
> that other people can reproduce it, you might get lucky.

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