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Re: reset key bindings

From: Andrey Butirsky
Subject: Re: reset key bindings
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2020 03:02:48 +0300
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On 02.01.2020 00:06, Chet Ramey wrote:
On 1/1/20 3:05 PM, Andrey Butirsky wrote:

If you want some kind of `undo' for bindings, then it would seem reasonable
to save the current set of bindings output by `bind -p' (possibly also
specifying a keymap) to a file, edit it to the form you want, then use
`bind -f' to restore that set of key bindings from the file if you want to
roll back from an experiment.

For that, user had to know beforehand that no straightforward way of
resetting it exists.

So I think it should be documented that way, or in-built facilities to
reset provided.
What? It's literally impossible to document all the things readline *can't*
do. So maybe assume that if it's not documented, it's not available.

If you want something internal to do it, maybe start by specifying the
behavior in some kind of detailed way. That way, we would have something
to discuss and determine whether it would be useful enough to implement.

FYI: Zsh has the desired  facility:

|       bindkey [ options ] -d||
||              -d     Delete all existing keymaps and reset to the default state.|

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