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Re: [Help-bash] pass command to script

From: Warlich, Christof
Subject: Re: [Help-bash] pass command to script
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2019 08:07:55 +0000

A small correction to my previous post:

> Luckily, $'...' quoting comes to a rescue here:
> $ ls $'\'foo\''
> ls: cannot access 'foo': No such file or directory
> But it just adds only _one_ additional layer of nesting, so it is still easy 
> to find
> examples of command lines (that already used up all possible quote-nesting by
> itself) that would not work.

I was wrong here: Infinite nesting depth _is_ possible using the $'...' syntax:

$  ls $'$\'$\\\'foo\\\'\''
ls: cannot access $'$\'foo\'': No such file or directory

> Furthermore, the backslashes really look ugly.
> To me, the almost prefect solution would be if bash offered some sort of
> nestable quotes right away, e.g. something like $[], which may not already
> be in use afaik. What do you think? Would this be a desirable (and decently
> easily implementable) feature for bash?

But the above lines still hold true. Even better: Something like $[]-type 
quoting would eliminate the need for escaping all along! Thus, any command line 
that would avoid the currently available single quoting ('...' and $'...') like 
a plague in favour of some new nestable quoting like $[] would not have to 
change anything within this command if another layer of (nestable) quotes would 
become necessary around that whole command, e.g. for passing it to a script to 
eval that string.



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