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Re: [Health] My updates on GNUHealth Implementation

From: Axel Braun
Subject: Re: [Health] My updates on GNUHealth Implementation
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2021 21:05:27 +0200

Hello Yusif,

thank you for sharing the details of your implementation! It looks like a 
first step with additional room for improvement. Some thoughts:

Am Montag, 18. Oktober 2021, 23:16:05 CEST schrieb Yusif Suleiman:
> Dear All,
> I write to report on the progress so far gone and then seek for a solution
> to our challenges on the implementation of gnuhealth.
> Installation Overview
> GNUHealth was installed on OpenSUSE Leap 15.3 on VirtualBox via Windows10
> host machine for the purpose of managing Medical Microbiology test results.
> Installation and configuration of institute was successful, system users
> were added, gnuhealth can now be access from the computers on the network
> using Windows Tryton client.

As the basis you are using - Windows10 - is not trustworthy, your installation 
should be considered compromised. gives you some more information on the 
issues with proprietary applications 

> Background of the Hospital
> The Institute where gnuhealth was installed is decentralize settings, where
> different software applications are deployed for different purposes.

Do you have an application map and know which information sits where? That is 
the first step in harmonization, and a prerequisite for a later migration plan

> Hundreds of patients are visiting the hospital on daily basis. Patients
> basic information are collected in the records office at the general out
> patient department (GOPD), each patient is assigned with a unique hospital
> number (unit Number), this unit number is what records officer is using to
> retrieve patient folder in case of revisit, and the number goes along any
> request of the individual patient (ie. Lab test, xray and others), see
> attached lab form

Additional to the registration of the patients, every patient sees a doctor 
who signs for a lab test? Or do they come in with a referral from another 

> Among the patients, similar names (both surname & othername) are commonly
> found, the patient unit number is used to differentiate those similar
> names.

As Luis already mentioned, names are not unique, and in other cultures even 
only a temporary thing.Better create ID cards with PUID and QR-Code

> Microbiology Lab
> Because of the nature of the hospital (see attached flowchart
>, only a paper lab request form is
> directed to the laboratory for investigation, see attached lab form

Will this in the future be digitized and connected to the GOPD?
> A lab number will also be generated at the reception to assigned for an
> individual specimen going to the lab. Therefore, a laboratory staff has to
> initiate a lab request at that lab reception in the computer for any
> request directed to the lab. This will allow a staff in the Lab computer
> room (LIS) to retrieve that patient request and input his results on the
> software for printing.
> Challenges
> >>On the request forms, patients’ date of birth cannot be attained because
> >>only age is on the request forms sent to the lab, and some request forms
> >>are sent with ‘Ad’, written as adult on the age field.

DoB is definitely the better choice, and GNU Health displays in some screens 
the age as well (down to the day, like 27y6m11d)

> When Ad is written on the request form, we keyed in A on the DoB field,
> gnuhealth accept but nothing appears at age field on patients record.

This will become obsolete once the patient management is harmonized and GH is 
the basis for both applications ;-)

> >>When adding a new patient to the Patients module, lists of all patients
> >>with similar names are showing (see attached adding a patient name
> >> this may cause confusion on which
> >>name to select between names on the list.

Yes, see above.

> >>The lab number generated at the reception do not have space in gnuhealth,
> >>and we try to use gnuhealth lab order number or Test ID, but both numbers
> >>do not display at a point of making the request, they only shown on Lab
> >>Test Requests module & Lab Tests Results module respectively.

And if the GOPD generates the lab request already in GH? 
Do you need it in the legacy system, e.g. for billing purposes?

> In view of the workflow on this kind of environment (see attached workflow 
>, those numbers cannot be use to
> retrieve a request for the results to be entered, since the numbers don’t
> show when making the request.
> >>In a situation when two same names (i.e Rose Ene) requesting same lab
> >>request (ie. both swab mcs), see lab test request
> >> Those two names will not be
> >>differentiated at a point of entering the patients' results, especially
> >>when those similar names are many on the system.

That has some risk and error potential in it!

> I am sorry for this long text; I make it possible to summarized but still to
> be clear. I want to use this opportunity to appreciate the support from all
> the community members, especially Dr Edgar for his diligent & attentive
> effort. I hope to find a solution to the above problems.

We will! With little effort you made already big achievements, Congratualtions 
to this.

All the best

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