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Re: [Health] Shed some light on how invoicing works using health service

From: Luis Falcon
Subject: Re: [Health] Shed some light on how invoicing works using health services
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2012 18:24:07 -0300

Hi Mouti !

On Thu, Sep 27, 2012 at 11:51 AM, MOUTI,  A. (MR.) <address@hidden> wrote:
> Shed some light on how invoicing works using health services
> Let me first point out that I have seen Luis Falcon and Sebastian’s detailed
> explanation with regard to this topic. I understand that Health services is
> a generic setup with intent to help invoice different services to a patient
> in one module. Good ideal. However, applying this into practice is where I’m
> challenged.
> Well, I guess if this can be demonstrated using my scenario will help many
> people.
> Let me say I have a product(service) called consultation
> I therefore create three pricelist for the product
> 1.       ConsultationPrice   = cost price (money to be paid by patient if
> s/he is not insured)
> 2.       Consultation  insurance Price =cost price * 0.90 (part to be paid
> by insurance if patient is insured)
> 3.       Consultation patient Price = cost price * 0.10 (part to be paid by
> patient if patient is insured )
> Let say patient X has insurance and I need to invoice him for consultation
> as well as prescription for medication.
> Question is how do I invoice these services?
> What I did
> I clicked on health services menu – open new records then selected a
> patient. Pressed on launch action button  which then asked me to create an
> invoice.  But when I create an  invoice, I’m asked either  to select a
> product or choice payment term for this invoice. How and where to I choose
> all these?
You need to properly setup the product accounts, as well as the
payment terms for the party.

So, imagine you want to charge the hospitalization charges related to
the bed 310 for 1 day for Ana.

1) You will need to have the bed, and the product associated to it. (
Health -> Configuration -> Health Centers -> Beds ). Make sure you
place appropiate expenses and revenue accounts for the bed (product).

2) Create the appropiate payment term for the party (Ana) in the account tab.

3) Generate the service and the invoice associated to it.
Health -> Health Services -> Health Services
- Enter the description and the product associated to the bed
- Click on the "Invoice" checkbox
- Click on the action "Create Health Service Invoice".

After that, you should have your new invoice in Financial -> Invoices
-> Draft Invoices

Hope it helps !

Best regards

> Thank you
> Alec Mouti

Luis Falcon
GNU Health

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