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Re: [Health] updation error

From: Craig Barnes
Subject: Re: [Health] updation error
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2012 10:39:29 +0100

Hi Ayisha,

> I have downloaded latest version of GNU Health..and followed the
> instructions that is given in your wiki..The database also updated.But
> filnally getting the oldest version only.what'l do?

Before we can understand the difficulty that you are having, more
information is needed.

1. What Linux Distribution are you using to run the Gnu Health server?
2. what is the output of the command below, this will give us the
location of the server installation being accessed by python.

python -c "import trytond; print trytond"

3. what commands did you run to upgrade your system.
4. what messages did you see resulting from those commands.



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