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Re: [Health] problem with new version of gnuhealth and tryton via pip

From: Jorge Luis Medina Begazo
Subject: Re: [Health] problem with new version of gnuhealth and tryton via pip
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2012 09:02:16 -0500

Hello Ronald:

I don't have any error messages. when I installed gnuhealth I used this command

$ pip --user install trytond_health_profile

everything OK, all modules of gnuhealth are installed, then I load the client of tryton and everything ok, I go the modules to install all modules for gnuhealth, then I noticied that the module account is not in the list to be installed, so then I close the tryton client, stop the server and install this module with pip

$ pip --user install trytond_account

everything ok it said is installed, then I start the server, open the client go to modules to install and the module account is no there.
Then I erase all the installation of tryton server and do it agin, but I first install the account module

$ pip --user install trytond_account

Everthing ok no messages error, then start the server, open the client, I go the modules and the module of account is ready to be installed.
Then I close the client, stop the server and install gnuhealth

$ pip --user install trytond_health_profile

Everything OK,no messages errror, I start the server, open the client, then I go to modules to install gnuhealth and there is no gnuhealth modules in the list to be installed.

I understand that the account module is needed to make invoices, I see that there is a new version of account module 2.4.2 maybe, there is any problem with that, Im using debian 7 beta, with python 2.7

thank for your help

2012/9/6 ronald munjoma <address@hidden>
Hi Jorge,

On 6 September 2012 00:02, Jorge Luis Medina Begazo <address@hidden> wrote:
I'm having some troubles with a new fresh installation of gnuhealt 
I have installed GNU Health  1.6.3 on three different Debian based machines using the pip method as documented on wiki books [1]

We will be in a better position to assist if you may be more specific and provide any error messages. 


Regards and thanks
Ronald Munjoma

I used to test all the new versions of gnuhealth with that method, but now if I install it that way, tryton doesn't load some new modules of tryton like trytond_account and if I install first the module of trytond_account,then when I install trytond_health_profile, all the new modules of gnuhealth don't apper in the list of modules to load, I want to know, what is it the best way to use gnuhealth with pip or compiling the code?


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