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Re: "wlc upload" can not work now.

From: Edgar Hagenbichler
Subject: Re: "wlc upload" can not work now.
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2020 15:41:07 +0200
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Dear tumashu,

Am 10.08.2020 um 10:03 schrieb tumashu:
My command works a week ago...
In the last week there was an update for ICD-10 on weblate. 81 new codes were provided, and apprx 1000 english strings have been updated. Maybe that is why your command does not work in the same way anymore.
uploading zh_CN.po with weblate UI works well.
   By the way, did you realize that e.g. U070 "Vaping-related
       disorder" is still untranslated within
       "gnu-health-health_icd10-zh_Hans.po"? Did you translate it in your

No,  icd10 Chinese translation use "GB/T 14396-2016"

it seem to be not include U070

Thank you for the link for your source! Do you think, it would be possible for you, to translate at least those 81 new codes by hand? That would be really great! The new codes are from 2019 version und 2020 version. As I see, 573 strings are currently not translated. Are all the other codes also not included in your source? Unfortunately I do not speak Chinese, and does not help. It would be great to find a way or source for the official translations for those codes.

All the best


Am 10.08.2020 um 07:42 schrieb tumashu:


Today, I use below wlc command to upload
           zh_CN.po,  command run without error, but on update in welate.

       wlc upload
           gnu-health/health_icd10/zh_Hans/  --overwrite -i

anyone know the reason?

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