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Re: Greek GNU Health Translation

From: childeofentropy
Subject: Re: Greek GNU Health Translation
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2020 21:36:04 +0300


the problem is my account is not activated and i haven't recieved any activation email so far (i have checked my spam and trash folders).
So i cannot loggin on my account. Is there anything i can do about this? Should i make a new account maybe?

thanks again.

On 4/30/20 9:09 PM, Luis Falcon wrote:
Dear Leila

On Tue, 28 Apr 2020 22:29:03 +0300
childeofentropy <address@hidden> wrote:

Sure, i am Leila :-)
The username is childeofentropy, same as in the email.
Glad to meet you all!
Thank you again, and welcome!

We have assigned you in the Greek ("el") team. Please let us know if it

I am putting in copy our friend Stathis, he is the admin for this
language and I am sure he can also help you out.

All the best

~It Works When We Make It Work~

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