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[Health-i18n] Cannot translate health_icd9procs module to es_EC in versi

From: Mario Castro Squella
Subject: [Health-i18n] Cannot translate health_icd9procs module to es_EC in version 3.0.8
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2017 17:14:22 -0300

Hello everyone,

First, I’ll clarify that I’m using GNU Health v3.0.8

I’ve been trying without success to translate de names of the procedures in the health_icd9procs module to Spanish (Ecuador).
I modified the es_EC.po file under the module’s locale directory with the translations (taken from the es_ES.po file which has the translations already) and ran:

./trytond --update=health_icd9procs --database=<my database name>
then restarted the server, loaded the procedures with the client (which is set to Spanish (Ecuador) as the preferred language) but they sill appear in English.
I also tried running an update on all the modules with:

 ./trytond —all --database=<my database name>
But without success once again. Is there I step I missed?


Mario Castro Squella
Ingeniero de Software | Registrar SW
+56 9 9702 8116

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